dialysis transportation

Radiation and Dialysis therapies

In the unfortunate situation that you need a wheelchair or non-emergency stretcher transportation on a daily or several days a week schedule, Orlando Wheelchair Transportation has the sensitivity and experience for your special needs.

For radiation treatments, the patient may be in a wheelchair or may not be able to transfer from their beds, in which case, a non-emergency stretcher would be more appropriate. Our stretcher team consists of two trained personnel who will transfer the patient from their bed to our stretcher before loading and securing the stretcher in the van. At the radiation center, the stretcher would be brought and the patient transferred onto the radiation table. Radiation treatments usually last a few minutes and there may be some wait time in the waiting room. There is an extra charge for wait time.

For dialysis treatments, the patient may be in a wheelchair or may require a non-emergency stretcher. As dialysis treatments last two to four hours, after the patient is dropped off, the driver would return at a pre-established time for the return trip.